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Sat, Oct 31



GEL - Halloween Rocket League Tournament

$15/player All proceeds are going to the repair/replacement of instruments for the Guardians organization! Rocket League is NOW FREE to play!

Registration is Closed
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GEL - Halloween Rocket League Tournament
GEL - Halloween Rocket League Tournament

Time & Location:

Oct 31, 2020, 12:00 PM CDT



Welcome to the GEL Rocket League (2v2) tournament event being held by the Guardians organization as a part of the GEL - Guardians eSports League. The GEL is a fundraising initiative for the Guardians Drum and Bugle Corps, and Guardians Indoor to assist in the financial strain from COVID-19,  help support the need for upgraded musical instruments and equipment, and to allow for the lowering of member dues. We thank you for helping contribute to our cause, and we hope you have a great time!

Cost per entry:

$15 per player

Please read the details of each ticket, and contact us through social media with any questions.


Champion -   $100 cash prize +  $25 GDBC gift certificate/player

2nd Place - $25 GDBC gift certificate/player

More prizes could become available depending on partner/sponsorship donation!

(Contact if you are interested in advertising, partnership, sponsorship or donating.)

Tournament Rules:

Age Restrictions:

Players under the age of 18 need to be represented by an adult in order to receive prize money in the State of Texas. You are subject to Texas law, IRS code, and local laws and regulations.

Entry Fee must be paid first:

You can purchase your entry at You will receive a BattleFi entry code in an email within 24-48 hours of purchase.

Contact us through social media or discord if you run into any issues with your payment or in turning in forms.

Note that prices increase the week of the tournament by $5 for registrations within 48 hours of the tournament.


If there is not an official GEL caster/moderator/host in the match, the team on top in the bracket will host the first game, and the host will alternate each game when necessary. Hosting agreements are allowed.


TBA - Standard Small-Medium


Please check-in to the lobby 5 minutes before your first match. Tournament start times will be strictly enforced to ensure the tournament can finish on time. If you registered for the tournament but are not present to play your match within 5 minutes of the start time, you will receive a DQ for that game. Players can have a 5-minute break in between games, and again must be present at the end of the 5-minute break to start their game or receive a DQ.


It is highly recommended to form a team prior to the start of the league night (you may utilize our discord to find a team: ). If you still do not have a team at the start of the tournament, we will place players into the bracket based on when people arrived, on a first-come-first-serve basis




If a crash or DC occurs during a match, the game will be restarted maintaining the score at the time of the crash. If players intentionally cause DCs or computer issues they will be disqualified and possibly banned from all future tournaments.

Captains can report their team's score.

1. General

1.1 GEL assumes that each participant who enters a tournament is aware of all the rules and checks them periodically. Insufficient knowledge of the rules can not be used as an excuse for breaking the rules.

1.2 A player can only create one account. Selling, renting, trading, or receiving compensation in any way, shape or form is forbidden.

1.3 Every participant who breaks a rule, will be punished. The exact way of punishment will be decided by the Admin involved. Examples of punishments are: 3-0 loss, replay, penalty points, leaving the tournament early, a temporary ban or a permanent ban.

1.4 Rosters will be placed on the website before the tournament will start. After the tournament started, no changes or substitutes to the roster are allowed.

1.5 Matches need to be played within the times the roster shows.

1.6 Gamers who participate are required to play with the Gamer ID they have specified.

1.7 The Gamer ID which is being used has to equal to the Gamer ID shown on the roster. If another account is going to be used, submit this to an Admin BEFORE the tournament has started.

1.8 Every participant is required to be online in the chat of the tournament they are participating in.

1.9 Every player is responsible for his own connection and has to have a good internet connection to avoid possible ‘lag’.

1.10 Complaining about losing a game incorrectly after a match can not be taken into account in the final outcome of a match. If there are reasons to suspect that your opponent is not playing by the rules or serious lag occurs for a long time, report this to the admin before your opponent has taken benefit of the problem. ( The beginning of the game. )

2. Tournament Guidelines

2.1 Each player has to register with its purchased credits first in order to participate in an online tournament.

2.3 The game schedule and the times when the games have to be played will be published as available - 24-48 hrs ahead of the start time.

2.4 The player who plays ' home ' is responsible for starting a match.

2.5 Both opponents are responsible for contacting each other and playing the game.

2.6 If both players are ready and started the game it is not allowed to hold extra breaks that are not allowed in-game.

2.7 When an online tournament is organized for teams, only the main player needs to register for the tournament.

2.8 When a tournament is organized for teams and one of the teams misses players, the relevant team will be DQ'd or receive a schedule change at admin discretion.

2.9 Each team is required to take at least one photo of the score. This photo should contain: the score, the names and a time stamp.

3. Specific game settings Rocket League

3.1 General:

  • Map: General Match - TBA.    Finals - NeoTokyo Stadium
  • Game mode: Tournament - Information/password will be sent 24-48 hours before match.
  • Settings: Online friendly match standard settings - 2 sec respawn
  • Match durance: 5 minutes per match
  • Allowed cars: All cars

Reporting scores

How do I report scores?

  1. Click on the game controller in the menu ( active matches ).
  2. Select your active match on the icon with the blue ‘I’.
  3. Report the correct score and click on confirm.
  4. Your score has been reported!

4.1 Both players must after finishing the game, enter the score on GuardiansESportsLeague Discord and Battlefi.

4.2 The total score of a match must be reported by both players.

4.3 Both players need to report the scores within ten minutes after the end of the match.

4.4 When the score of the players does not match, the players are supposed to upload a screenshot of the score within 10 minutes. The decision about what score is awarded ultimately rests with the GEL Admin. We take conflict seriously and want to provide the best experience for all of our players.

4.5 If someone deliberately passes the wrong score, the player in question immediately gets excluded from all online tournaments of the GEL.

4.6 If both players do not report the score, the GEL Admin determines the outcome of the match.

Behavior rules

5.1 all participants in GEL tournaments must treat each other and the organization respectfully.

5.2 When a participant has hurtful, offensive or racist expressions towards his/her opponent, he will be immediately be disqualified and disciplinary measures will be taken.

5.3 Bad language and/or threats against the Admin means instant disqualification.

5.4 In cases of fraud and/or cheats, a participant will be disqualified immediately and disciplinary measures will be taken.

5.5 All participants are treated the same way by the Guardians Admin. When breaking the rules, the following disciplinary measures will be taken.

  • 1st offense: The player will be disqualified immediately and will get an official warning
  • 2nd offense: The player will be disqualified immediately and will be excluded from the tournament for three months
  • 3rd offense: The player will be disqualified immediately and will be excluded from all future tournaments

In the event that time does not permit, GEL will cooperate  to reschedule the remaining games in consultation with the players of the remaining team

Other rules

Guardians eSports League reserve the right, to make statements and decisions about matters that are not specifically provided for in the rules, in order to maintain fair competition and sportsmanship.

Guardians eSports League reserve the right to change rules at all times. For example, this could be occurring by changes in software updates or releases of a game.

GEL does not allow refunds for entries, except for at the discretion of GEL admin.

Guardiansdbc (501c3) reserves the right to keep all information and content for use in promotional and organizational content in public or social media settings.


  • Single Player 2v2 Tournament

    This is an entry fee for one player into the Guardians eSports League - Halloween Rocket League Tournament!

    +$0.38 service fee
    Sale ended




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