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Our Story

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How We Began

The history of the Guardians Drum and Bugle Corps began as a dream for excellence in drum corps performance arts in the Central Texas area. A 19 year old Texas Tech University student and his best friend developed the idea for a community-based touring drum corps in hopes to see it become a reality. On October 28, 2012, they founded the Central Texas Drum Corps Initiative in San Marcos, the organization that would later become the Guardians Drum and Bugle Corps. After the December meeting attended by 25 supporters in Seguin, they decided they had the community support necessary to move forward in developing the future performing unit.

In early 2013, DCI announced the introduction of two new activities for small competitive units, DrumLine Battle and SoundSport. SoundSport was the best fit for starting the new corps. The inaugural membership/ rehearsal meeting of the Guardians was held in Seguin that March with fifteen potential members in attendance. Aid and assistance was given from established drum corps, including Open Class corps Genesis and Legends, Texas' World Class corps the Crossmen, and all-age corps the Vigilantes. Music businesses, community members, and Drum Corps International also contributed. Due to the success of the program, the Guardians grew in size, rapidly approaching the SoundSport maximum of 50 members. In June, the Guardians Drum and Bugle Corps toured the state, concluding with a SoundSport exhibition at the DCI Southwestern Championship regional competition at the Alamodome in San Antonio.

Continuing to develop, and in it's financial infancy, the Guardians entered DCI Open Class competition in 2014. Fielding a corps of 112 members, the unit entered only two contests, both in Texas, one of which was rained out. By 2016, the corps participated in a longer season that contributed greatly to it's development. In addition, they received a sponsorship from System Blue. The Guardians were the only open class corps to use System Blue instruments in DCI history other than the Blue Devils B and C corps at that time. Since then, the Guardians have continued to develop their unique performance style that continues to inspire performers and audiences alike. Each year they have progressed to become one of the top performing Open Class corps. Known for it's refreshing approach and varied repertoire, the Guardians Drum & Bugle Corps maintains its inclusive, tight-knit family while creating world class and cutting-edge performances. 

Our Logo

The letter G, from the Guardians' name, encircles a pine tree. In native and world folklore, the pine is symbolic of wisdom and longevity. Evergreens are dedicated and enduring, often the first to grow after a fire. For Guardians, the tree represents a breath of fresh air, and symbolizes the uniqueness they bring through it's outstanding performances. 

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