Dayton Bryant was a member of The Guardians in 2016 where he marched contra and in 2017 where he served as a drum major. Dayton was bursting with passion for the marching arts and loved performing every moment he could. In his first season of drum corps Dayton really learned what it meant to follow your dreams and how to handle the struggle that comes with it. He blossomed into an incredibly talented musician and performer and earned a leadership position for the next season.


As a drum major Dayton made a point to support and encourage all of his fellow members no matter what. He brought a love for his craft that was inspiring and pushed you to be better. He was constantly observing and giving feedback when it was time to be serious but you could always find him singing or dancing and making the people around him laugh during any free time.  Dayton cared about the music but he really cared about the people and putting a smile on everyone’s face. Dayton wanted to lead a life of positivity and spread it to everyone he could through music. 


This scholarship is meant for an individual passionate about the marching arts, and somebody who wants to bring genuine happiness into the lives of others. A person who will work hard while uplifting those around them. This scholarship is meant for somebody that will “Be Fearless and Dare to Dream”.

- Guardians Drum Major Alumni: Ashton Soefje, Brian Lyke

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