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Prep & Packing

Packing for Move-ins

Every member packs differently. Consider the below list as a general idea guide of helpful things that have worked for members in the past for your consideration if you need help getting started. Please review the 2023 Guardians Packing List Link for the most accurate information from our leadership team. 


1 Medium/ Large rolling suitcase or duffle bag

  (Pack light and pack it tight)

1 Sturdy Medium/ Large Backpack

You will want to think about loading, unloading, and hualing back and forth what you pack for time, space, and ease.

Do NOT bring laptops, gaming systems, drones, or other remote controlled items. There simply isn't time for those things, and they can be easily lost or damaged in all the travel


Bath Items

2 Towels (Microfiber towels & rags dry quicker

   and roll up smaller)

2 Wash rags (or washing item of choice)

1 Regular sized 3-1 Shampoo/Cond./Body Wash

1 Mouthwash (regular sized)

1-2 Toothpaste & Floss

1 Razor & Cartridges (or Disposable Razors)

1 Brush / Comb

3 Deodorant Sticks (1 for bus, 1 for shower, 1 extra)

6+ Bottles of Sunscreen (Choose high SPF. 2 spray bottles last about 1 week. If choosing liquid, remember liquid takes longer to apply on breaks but will last longer.)

1 Pack Ponytail holders & bobby pins (if needed)

1 Fingernail & Toenail Clipper Set

Other hygiene products if needed

(Helpful Tip: Take a travel-sized bottles to the bathroom and a regular-sized to refill with for your suitcase.) 

Helpful Storage Items

2 Shoe bags (keeps grass/ dirt off clothing) 

1 Waterproof wet clothing bag

1 Dirty laundry bag

1 Suction Cup Shower Caddy Shelf

  (holds things nicely on the bus window)

1 Plastic storage container for under bus seat

   (Shoe box sized)

1 Electronics/ Earbuds/ charger organizer 

1 Waterproof Shower/ Hygiene products bag


5+ pairs of athletic breathable shorts (Have at       

   least 2 pair that are black. Black are required for

    some events/ under uniform)

5+ light weight breathable t-shirts/ tank tops

    (lighter colors reflect heat)

5+ pairs of underwear (& sports bras if needed)

5+ pairs of socks for practice

4+ pairs of thick long black socks for performance

   (Should hit mid-shin so ankles don't distract)

1 Guardians Season T-shirt (more info. soon)

2 Pair of good supportive athletic shoes

   (one will wear out half way through  and         

   alternating keeps your feet happy.)

1  Pair of MATTE BLACK marching shoes

1 Pair of shower shoes (slides/crocs/flip flops) 

2 Sets of compression uniform undergarments

   (if needed - uniforms are very form fitting)

2+ Performance & Practice Gloves

Pajamas / PJ pants


1 portable cot, or camping pad/ mat 

  (You want your bed to fold down small for travel.)

1 sleeping bag or twin blanket and flat sheet

1 pillow, pillow case and spare pillowcase 

1 travel blanket that folds compact

1 travel pillow if needed 

  (inflatable helps space)



1 Power Strip

1 Extension Chord

2-4 Small Bungie Chords

1 Longer Bungie

  (for laundry drying) 

1 Fitted Twin Sheet

  (to cover bus seat if wanted)

2-4 Carabiner Clips

1 Regular-Sized Water Bottle (for the bus)

2 Black Hand Towels (for brass instruments)

4 Sticks of Chopsaver Chapstick (Brass)

1  Bruise Remedy Gel

  (for any accidentally missed rifles and flag poles)

1-2 Knee Support Cuffs (if needed)

1 Pack of Moleskin Blister Pads

1 Travel Band-Aid/ First Aid Mini Kit

1 Gallon Red Water Jug

Favorite Protein Rich Snacks (not too many)

Sports Drink/ Electrolyte Mixes 

2-6 Soft Noise-Canceling Earbuds (for sleep) 

1 Eye Mask (for sleep if needed)

1 Earbuds & Charger (for listening)

1 Phone & Charger

2 Sets Odor Absorbers (for inside shoes/ bag)

1 Pair of Polarized Sunglasses

1-2 Hats (Hats & Sunglass required for rehearsal)

Portable Laundry Soap Packets

First Week Heat Illness

Begin acclimating by getting active outdoors as early as possible to avoid heat sickness during the first week this summer. Drink more water, stay hydrated, and add electrolyte mixes if needed if you are struggling increasing water intake. Avoid drinking highly caffeinated products that increase heart-rate during practice as this can be dangerous. These include drinks such as Red Bull, Monster, and etc. Your water jug should only contain water or water and the appropriate electrolyte/ sports drink mix to avoid illness. Cutting back on caffeine and sugar now to avoid withdrawals and nausea. Taking these steps will make your first two weeks of acclimation easier. Drinks options, such as Gatorade, are available at meal times as well. 


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